The Zodiac Killer Hoax – 65 – Generation Why

The Zodiac Killer Hoax. Was a serial killer terrorizing San Francisco in the late 1960′s? Why was he never caught, let alone identified? Professor and researcher Thomas Horan joined us to explain just how these murders added up to a “modus operandi” for a serial killer for some in the media, but not for law enforcement. If you have followed this case at all over the years, you’ll likely recognize the names of the players involved. From Zodiac the book to Zodiac the film, the facts of the case have largely remained the same. You might ask yourself, how could a killer be considered a hoax? Tune in and find out just how this story first got started and how it was perpetuated over time.

2 thoughts on “The Zodiac Killer Hoax – 65 – Generation Why

  1. Katy

    I loved this podcast. It always struck me as odd some of the logic leaps that investigators took in linking so-called Zodiac cases together. I’m on board with this theory.


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