The Zodiac Killer – 118 – Generation Why

The Zodiac Killer. His attacks were accompanied by phone calls & letters that taunted police and threatened harm on others. Just what do we really know about these killings? What evidence have investigators collected over the years? Does anyone truly know the identity of the killer as some authors have recently suggested? Is this case still being researched? Is the killer still alive? Joining us was Mike Morford. He runs a Zodiac killer website and has a lot to say on these unsolved crimes and the claims made by authors who say they have all the answers.

Mike Morford’s website:

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4 thoughts on “The Zodiac Killer – 118 – Generation Why

  1. M Hamilton

    This was an excellent show. Mr. Morford, you were so well spoken, prepared, credible. I understand that some believe that the letter writer is someone, or some two, perhaps, who drew these cases together without actually being involved in the crimes. It is good to have your site to provide, as your host said, the canon, so that people who want to delve deeper have access to as much background information as possible. In terms of the ways many of us in the North Bay Area reacted at the time, if the “Zodiac” was just an invention to sell papers, that in itself would be, in my opinion, an additional crime. Keep up the good work and let us hope the truth will come out. You are certainly holding up your end of the effort.

    1. Mike Morford

      Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed being on the show, and sharing the case with the GenWhy listeners, it’s a truly fascinating case with so many clues, twists, and turns. There are many theories and possibilities. I hope the case will one day be solved.

  2. Sandy Priester

    This was an amazing show, a real eye opener, all of this information was new to me.
    Everything I knew about the Zodiac was from Robert Graysmith’s two books,
    so I apparently knew almost nothing.


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